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The live webinar took place on 9th February 2023. Here, our panel of experts provide an overview of the teaching content on transgender management, bone health and growth disorders. Their discussion gives further insight into these key topics, with a particular emphasis on nursing perspectives, and they debate questions posed by those working in the field.


Title Speaker
Welcome and introduction Kate Davies
Transgender management – key learning objectives Martin Savage
Transgender management: panel discussion and Q&A Gary Butler, Paul Carruthers and Stephanie Kemp, chaired by Martin Savage
Bone health – key learning objectives Kate Davies
Bone health: panel discussion and Q&A Justin Davies, Raja Padidela and Ian Tucker, chaired by Kate Davies
Growth disorders and genetic studies – key learning objectives Martin Savage
Patient choice in the context of long-acting growth hormone Lee Martin
Growth disorders: panel discussion and Q&A Kate Davies, Helen Storr and Lee Martin, chaired by Martin Savage
Concluding remarks Martin Savage
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